I am living in St. Petersburg. I got educated as a theater artist and I currently work as a videographer mostly in Russia, but I often fly to other countries and have an experience of working in Spain, Israel, Portugal, Germany and Georgia.

While travelling around the world I usually work and master my skills in videography. I am deeply inspired with Eastern and European cultures.
In the beginning of my career, I was shooting natural and studio videos, making videos for advertising and taking portrait photos. Then wedding photography became a big part of my work and life.

Now my heart belongs to wedding videography. I have mostly focused on it.
I enjoy communication with interesting people and I am inspired with music, contemporary art, travelling and each moment when I experience something new. It's a rich environment for my creativity.

Before starting a new project, it is important for me to discuss all the details, so that in the end the final video material will meet all your expectations. My priority is to make sure your vision comes true.

Creating a storyline of a video, working with its style, colour, lighting, video effects is what my job consists of. If you have a look at my projects, you will notice that they are full of light and vivid emotions.

Hope that everything I do will stay with you forever!
Hi, my name Grigory Prigalinsky!
6 hours
€ 600
9 hours
€ 700
12 hours
€ 800
Processing of the material is for: The 2 of the month!
1–3 min.
40–80 min.
Prepayment is € 150. the rest of the money you'll pay only when it is ready and processed all the material.
So I ispolzuyu copter for filming from the air.
This service is included in the above prices.
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